The Schedule is Full...
    but Life Happens!

We are here to provide professional temporary dental services to dental facilities. We can also help your dental facility find the right employee for a permanent position if you are looking to hire

Why Choose
Geaux Polish?

All of our Dental Professionals
    are employees of Geaux Polish…

  • No more confusion about classifying a temporary worker as an employee or an Independent Contractor!

  • Eliminate IRS penalties for misclassification

  • Geaux Polish workers receive the benefits of an employee, such as:

    • Paying less taxes (taxes are higher under a 1099)
    • Tax withholding (hygienists and assistants are responsible to report ALL income and pay taxes at the end of the year under a 1099 - it's recommended to place 30% of all 1099 income in a savings account to pay taxes at the end of the year)
    • Worker protection provided on a state and federal level, i.e. workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and paid over-time (not covered under a 1099)
    • General Liability Insurance Coverage (not covered under a 1099)
  • Learn more about how we benefit the dental facilities and our Dental Professionals

  We Provide
OSHA & HIPPA Training
       to all employees!

   All Employees are Covered
under Workers Comp and Liability Insurance

We are here to benefit dental facilities with staffing needs - minimizing risk and liability - and dental workers with employment needs, providing much needed protection!

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